As a nonprofit that serves other nonprofits, UpliftNow’s mission to help charities, especially those that serve individuals unable to help themselves, such as young children, is in complete harmony with the Tampa Bay City Token movement to foster new ways to support charities and nonprofits that help children.

We are excited to have formed a partnership with TBT and envisage a tremendous potential to achieve good in the Tampa Bay region, and around the country as this creative and innovative means of financial support for charitable organizations becomes more known, understood and prevalent amongst the philanthropic community.

UpliftNow, as a nonprofit partner of Tampa Bay City Token, serves as a catalyst to monetize the Tampa Bay City Token “buy-back” mechanism to convert local charity’s tokens to cash, that can then be used to help further the charity’s cause to end child hunger and homelessness.

The Tampa Bay City Token, we believe, is the genesis of a signal movement that is quickly proving to be the next generation of economic empowerment and growth for philanthropic individuals and organizations and the charities they support.”