Socionics LLP, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), is a Proof of Merit Partnership developing a localized model of ID Money’s City Tokens, which will launch in other cities worldwide. Our Co-founders and Provider’s mission is to dramatically influence the end of child hunger and homelessness in our local community.

  • Empowering charities with 7 million tokens

  • Accepting donations to convert charity’s tokens to cash

  • Buy back mechanism provides cash to charities.

  • Communication builds awareness to fuel donations.

Please join Socionics and The Tampa Bay Token as a Co-founder, Custodian or Provider to empower charities for child hunger and homelessness in Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Bradenton and Sarasota.




Clarity of purpose2019-03-18T13:43:08-05:00
We have clearly stated aims and objectives and are able to demonstrate how we will meet the principles in our charter. We ensure everyone we work with knows what we can do, and what we cannot do.

Tampa Bay Token is independent from charities, food banks, hospitals and other care providers. Our service providers and volunteers can provide solutions to issues and challenges on children’s behalf when it’s needed.

Person Centered Approach2019-03-18T13:43:32-05:00

In most cases, the children and families we support decide what we do on your behalf.  We have a clear way of supporting people who cannot tell us what they want, to make sure their rights, and interests are protected.


We encourage you to speak up for yourself, and to take action for yourself whenever we can’t.  We want to know what you think about our mission, the services we intend to provide, and we invite you to tell us.


When we begin to help you, you will have a named advocate and a means of contacting them.  We will ask you to tell us what you think about our service.  We will provide reports to our trustees, donors and we will publish your story on our website to the general public to learn about our services, successes, and how we are doing.



What is Socionics2019-03-12T13:29:48-05:00

Socionics, LLC, a decentralized company, is a franchisee of ID Money, the crypto for social good grassroots movement that originated in Costa Rica.

Tampa Bay Token, the non-sovereign money managed by Socionics is allocated to help end child hunger and homelessness in Tampa Bay Florida. Unlike other crypto currency that is bought by investors and speculators, Tampa Bay Tokens are utility tokens minted for the specific purpose of helping charities and compensating the service providers that will help guide the success of the mission.

What is City Tokens2019-03-14T10:49:27-05:00

City Tokens is a paradigm shift, as tokens are distributed based on Proof of Merit instead of being sold. Each City Token follows a master plan designed with a mission, rules and token minting, as well as a mechanism that enables spending City Tokens locally and worldwide, just like cash.

What is ID Money2019-03-26T23:28:59-05:00

ID MONEY of Costa Rica designed and originated the City Token model with non-sovereign money used for social good. ID Money is a derivative of the virtual personality fundamental right. The virtual personality fundamental right universalizes financial presence.

The long-term vision of IDMONEY envisages a future in which the entire world’s network of city tokens (and other tokens) will operate as a Global Central Bank managed automatically by smart contracts and not by any intermediary organization.

A new crypto will emerge, the Global Money. This global crypto will have a stable price since trillions of units will be created that will act as a huge reserve to back people’s buying-and-selling transactions through the automatic buying-and-selling operation of the smart contract.

The ID MONEY City Token grassroots movement has launched in Miami, Tampa Bay, New York and several other cities. Franchises are available for additional cities throughout the world.


How are Tampa Bay Tokens used2019-03-26T23:21:03-05:00

Tampa Bay Tokens will ultimately have many use cases as they are developed by community leaders and service providers. Initial use cases include:

  • Charities will be able to use Tampa Bay Tokens to pay for the products and services they need to help relieve child hunger and homelessness.
  • Food banks can use Tampa Bay tokens as payment towards several expense items in their operating budgets to reduce cash requirements.
  • People with tokens will be able to pay for food and other needed services with tokens at places that will accept Tampa Bay Tokens for payment.
  • Tokens allocated to service providers that received tokens as compensation for providing services to Tampa Bay Token can be used for payment in the online marketplace.
What is Tampa Bay Token’s value proposition2019-03-14T10:50:11-05:00
Tampa Bay Token Value Proposition:
  • Tampa Bay social grassroots non-sovereign money option.
  • City focused, local distributed ownership.
  • Social Mining: Providers initially execute social mining, at 5x their typical rate, then 4x, and ultimately less. Rates follow expert’s opinions.
  • Online marketplace platform to spend tokens.
  • Fundamental rights of empowerment. Right to have, or not, virtual personality.
  • Global Money stable coin ownership.
  • Token value supported by repurchase from donations, custody services and other cryptocurrency partnerships.
  • Highly decentralized organization, with Conflict Resolution.
  • Promotes Tampa Bay brand story and name, globally.
  • Dual token model: stable & unstable.
  • Proof of Merit (PoM) on Providers and donations.
  • Social minting trend
  • Free (as in freedom to use as desired) software
How are Tokens allocated2019-03-14T14:48:25-05:00

Socionics will mint 35 million Tampa Bay Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 7 million tokens are allocated to children with the help of local charities and food banks. 7 million tokens remain in an ID Money contingency fund named Global Money that has specific purposes and rights. The remaining 21 million tokens are allocated to the co-founders and service providers such as legal, custodians, arbitrators, communicators and advisors that will help drive the success of Tampa Bay’s city token.

What gives the tokens value2019-03-14T11:01:43-05:00

City Tokens can help relieve the plight of people living in conditions of poverty and hence, potentially excluded from the individual and social benefits brought about by scientific and technological development.

Can Tampa Bay Tokens be spent in other cities2019-03-14T10:50:52-05:00

Tampa Bay Tokens can be used for payment of purchases just like cash on the Tampa Bay Marketplace.

Other City Token marketplaces launching later this year will provide additional opportunities to spend Tampa Bay Tokens. As all City Token marketplaces will be interconnected, this architecture will ultimately provide limitless opportunities to spend City Tokens earned in one city to be used to pay for purchases in any other city.

How does Tampa Bay Token ensure empowerment2019-03-14T11:01:03-05:00

The best way to ensure the empowerment of individuals and communities is through collaboration, a shared belief in a better world, and the common effort to see worthy social visions come true for the benefit of all.

The realization of the vision of The Tampa Bay Token, IDMoney and Global Money will be the outcome of the involvement of many players in society, starting with community leaders, local authorities and citizens.

How are revenues generated2019-03-26T23:20:38-05:00

Revenue sources include $1 transaction fees when token holders convert stable to non-stable tokens, transaction fees on merchants accepting tokens for payment, as well as providing custody services to municipalities, investment groups and organizations.

How is Tampa Bay Token superior to help children2019-03-26T23:17:36-05:00

1. Integral help: Not just food that can be provided in a limited way by food banks, but any help they need to flourish.

2. Social Capital: The movement dedicates 10 years developing relationships with many people.

3. Accountability: Donors can verify where their money and the help and assistance goes.

4. Financial education: Kids and their families learn financial education and responsibility.

5. Potential significant return: In 10 years children may have a large multiple of returns if the token value increases.

6. Dignity: Eliminating food insecurity and proving assistance increases dignity.

7. Viral: Helping children also means helping other people living in poverty, with the poverty relief cooperation system.

What is Global Money2019-03-26T23:19:20-05:00

All City Token Franchises will have 20% of their total amount of tokens allocated to a Contingency Fund placed under an organization called Global Money. The immediate purpose of the contingency fund is to provide protection against the risks being taken by the people pioneering the experiences of the City Tokens in any part of the world.

But there is also a longer-term purpose for the contingency funds contributed by each city token operation to Global Money. This is to give rise to a common global exchange instrument linking all City Tokens, and potentially other tokens that may wish to join the global exchange. Such instrument would realize IDMONEY’s long-term goal of creating a global stable token operation to foster the growth of a global social currency and shared economy.

The detailed path to reach such an ambitious goal is yet to be defined and, this can only be the result of contributions made by many people with diverse expertise and experience. For this reason, Global Money will create a variety of commissions to deal with specific aspects such as legal, economic, technological, strategic aspects etc.

One point is clear though: all city token franchisees will have rights based on the 20% of tokens contributed to the Contingency Fund managed by Global Money.

How you can help2019-03-26T23:19:04-05:00

Anyone that cares or has a passion to help children and families can join Tampa Bay token as a service provider. Or, you can volunteer just a few hours each month. Volunteers can meet with families with children, and learn about their challenges and the help they need, so our team of professionals can get them the help they need.

What is the marketplace2019-03-23T16:28:19-05:00

We’re revolutionizing B2B e-commerce and bringing companies and their customers together online in a trusted manner. This relationship creates simplified pricing solutions for B2B merchants with limited digital marketing and IT resources to easily manage all aspects of marketing, selling and sales management from one secure place.

Tampa Bay Token features an online interconnected marketplace with other City Token and trade marketplaces throughout the world. Providers and business owners having Tampa Bay Tokens can spend tokens in the marketplace just as if it was cash. In addition, businesses can increase sales by accepting Tampa Bay Tokens for payment online or at their restaurant, shop, hotel or establishment.

Join for free and list your offers in the marketplace to reach a new audience of buyers. Seller’s pay just a 4% transaction fee on sales, much like paying the fee when accepting credit cards for payment, except the fee is charged in Tampa Bay Tokens instead of cash.


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Bruce KammCo-Founder System Architect
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Kerem TurkmenCo-Founder Custodian
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Walter SowaCo-Founder Custodian
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Jeff WolfmanCo-Founder Partnerships
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Amanda Goldman-PetriCMO
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Tony HoldenPhilanthropy Custodian
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